Nano Finance Loan

We offer microfinance services for self-employed individuals, such as small business owners and entrepreneurs, who are seeking
capital for working capital purposes.

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  • The interest rate is 1.32% per month (equivalent to effective rate 29%)
  • Borrow as necessary and repay responsibly.

Loan Details

Product Highlights

Designed for personal loan customers of the Company

Comfortable installment plan for up to 50 months

No guarantor or collateral is required

Required Documents

1. National ID Card
2. Copy of House Registration

Loan Qualifications

1. Individuals aged 20-60 years
2. There is repayment history for at least 5 months.
3. Not being blacklisted by the Company.

Note*: Loan approval is subject to the conditions set by the Company.

1. Interest rates and fees are in accordance with the Company’s announcement.
2. Interest rates and fees are calculated based on principal and interest reduction.
3. For the loan consideration, the qualifications of the borrower, guarantor, collateral, and credit limit are at the discretion of the Company.

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Repayment Period

Calculation Result

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Amount of Interest

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*The aforementioned interest amount is already included in the initial installment payment.


  • The above monthly installment calculations are approximate and cannot be used as a reference or basis for loan applications.
  • Interest rates inclusive of fees may vary according to the Company’s announcements.
  • Loan approval is subject to the discretion of the branch based on the Company’s criteria.
  • Choosing a longer repayment period will result in paying more total interest over the term of the contract.