Working at Muangthai Capital’s Headquarters is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are ambitious, responsible, and thrive on challenges.

Join our team of professionals and contribute to maintaining our position as the number one leader in the microfinance business.

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also offer the opportunity to be part of Muangthai Capital’s team, providing quality service to our customers. You can explore exciting job opportunities at all branches nationwide. We also welcome fresh graduates.

Find vacant positions.

Our story

"Life Success"

Employees receive compensation and benefits that meet their life stability needs.
Muangthai Capital guarantees annual salary increases, annual bonuses, special bonuses, commission based on job position, and a range of welfare benefits including medical insurance, life insurance, retirement funds, emergency loan facilities,
fuel allowances, travel allowances, up to 3 months’ maximum pay for sick leave, traditional holidays off, sports activities, and training for employees at all levels.

"Career Opportunities"

Muangthai Capital has experienced rapid growth, expanding the service areas by an average of 750 branches per year since 2015. This has resulted in over 1,000 new employees joining us each year.
Currently, we have over 14,000 employees from various backgrounds and
we support growth opportunities for every position in the organization.

"Sustainable growth"

With over 30 years of operation since 1992, Muangthai Capital has been a pioneer in the vehicle registration financing industry. We have served over 3,000,000 customers and established more than 7,500 branches
nationwide to provide comprehensive service coverage. Employees can trust in the success and stability of Muangthai Capital.

Stories from employees

Because each of us has different abilities, recognizing and providing opportunities, supporting everyone to develop their skills and abilities to the fullest while working altogether with a high-quality team
within an efficient working environment under a strong organization will ultimately lead to stable growth and ultimate success.

Part of the success

Because employees are vital to the success of organization

we believe that the success of the organization stems from every employee. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of taking care of employees, following the motto “Eat well, sleep well”. We providing employees with a positive work experience. This includes fostering a good working environment, setting clear goals, and focusing on “Work-Life Balance” to ensure that employees can live efficiently alongside happy work. This approach caters to the diverse lifestyles of every generation.

Our Office

The Head Office of Muangthai Capital is located at Bang Phlat District, Bangkok, with more than 7,500 branches nationwide.

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The Head Office of Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited is located on Charansanitwong Road, near Bang Phlat MRT station. It has been nominated as an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building in 2021 apart from winning the Commercial High-Rise Architecture Excellence Award in Thailand in 2020.

Branch Offices Nationwide
Branch Offices Nationwide

Muangthai Capital hires multiple positions across all branches nationwide. Interested candidates can join us in various regions, including the Northern, Central, Northeastern, and Southern regions, as well as in Bangkok and the surrounding areas.

With over 7,500 branches nationwide, we provide quality service to our customers. Applicants can access interesting job positions and have opportunities for career growth in our company.

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